GSE Trading Results - Nov 20, 2017
Stock: AADS - 0.48 0 Vol. Traded: 0
Stock: ACCESS - 4 0.43 Vol. Traded: 100
Stock: ACI - 0.01 0 Vol. Traded: 0
Stock: ADB - 5.28 0.48 Vol. Traded: 30000
Stock: AGA - 37 0 Vol. Traded: 0
Stock: ALW - 0.16 0 Vol. Traded: 0
Stock: AYRTN - 0.1 0 Vol. Traded: 0
Stock: BOPP - 6.05 0 Vol. Traded: 800
Stock: CAL - 1.06 0 Vol. Traded: 10300
Stock: CLYD - 0.03 0 Vol. Traded: 0
Stock: CMLT - 0.11 0 Vol. Traded: 0
Stock: CPC - 0.02 0 Vol. Traded: 0
Stock: EGH - 7.55 0 Vol. Traded: 0
Stock: EGL - 3.95 0 Vol. Traded: 0
Stock: ETI - 0.17 0 Vol. Traded: 58700
Stock: FML - 19.28 0 Vol. Traded: 0
Stock: GCB - 4.29 0.02 Vol. Traded: 46700
Stock: GGBL - 1.92 0 Vol. Traded: 0
Stock: GLD - 38.8 0 Vol. Traded: 0
Stock: GOIL - 2.6 0 Vol. Traded: 600
Stock: GSR - 1.9 0 Vol. Traded: 0
Stock: GWEB - 0.01 0 Vol. Traded: 0
Stock: HFC - 1.39 0 Vol. Traded: 0
Stock: HORDS - 0.1 0 Vol. Traded: 0
Stock: IIL - 0.09 0 Vol. Traded: 0
Stock: MAC - 6 0 Vol. Traded: 0
Stock: MLC - 0.07 0 Vol. Traded: 0
Stock: MMH - 0.11 0 Vol. Traded: 0
Stock: PBC - 0.06 0 Vol. Traded: 600
Stock: PKL - 0.05 0 Vol. Traded: 0
Stock: PZC - 0.2 0 Vol. Traded: 0
Stock: SAMBA - 0.65 0 Vol. Traded: 0
Stock: SCB - 25.5 0 Vol. Traded: 300
Stock: SCB PREF - 1.2 0 Vol. Traded: 0
Stock: SIC - 0.1 0 Vol. Traded: 300
Stock: SOGEGH - 0.74 0 Vol. Traded: 500
Stock: SPL - 0.02 0 Vol. Traded: 0
Stock: SWL - 0.05 0 Vol. Traded: 0
Stock: TBL - 0.35 0 Vol. Traded: 0
Stock: TLW - 17.28 0 Vol. Traded: 0
Stock: TOTAL - 3.5 0 Vol. Traded: 1500
Stock: TRANSOL - 0.03 0 Vol. Traded: 0
Stock: UNIL - 12.66 0 Vol. Traded: 1700
Nov 24
Executive Team Print E-mail

Kojo Addae-Mensah

Group Chief Executive Officer, Databank Group

Kojo Addae-Mensah is Group Chief Executive Officer of Databank Group. He has over 18 years of experience in financial services. Prior to joining Databank Group, he was the Chief Operating Officer of Ghana Commercial Bank Limited, Ghana’s largest and most profitable bank. Before that, he was the Chief Operating Officer of Barclays Bank Ghana Limited, the largest foreign-owned bank in Ghana. He has a wealth of experience and an in-depth knowledge of the financial services industry in Ghana.

Kojo’s experience is not only in the commercial banking space, as his career began at Databank in 1998 with the corporate finance team. This is where the Databank’s Leap High values of Leadership, Excellence, Humility and Integrity were imbibed in him. Kojo has lived by these values throughout his successful career and will continue to ensure it is the cornerstone of Databank Group.

After his short stint at Databank in the 90s, Kojo worked with the Standard Chartered group for several years where he played various roles in Ghana, India, Kenya and Botswana.

Kojo is an avid soccer fan, wrote a column in the Kotoko Express for over 15 years. Kojo is a national TV pundit and also hosts the morning show on various radio stations from time to time. With a heart for helping those in need, Kojo is a Director of the Changing Lives Endowment Fund, aimed at supporting bright and needy children at the SHS level. Kojo is motivated by his desire for excellence and results, which is reflected in every task that he completes, both inside and outside of the office, and in the people that he surrounds himself with.

Kojo holds both an MBA in Finance and a BA in Economics from the University of Ghana, Legon. He is married with one child.


Frankie Hayford

Executive Director

Frankie Hayford is an Executive Director of Databank Group. He is also the Resident Director of Databank Securities Ltd in The Gambia, a position he has held since September 2000. He is a Board member of Trust Bank Limited, The Gambia and Chairman of the Audit Committee of the Bank. Frankie also serves on the Boards of Bayba Financial Services Limited, The Gambia, and International Bank (Liberia) Ltd.

He holds a BSc degree in Management Sciences from the University of Manchester in the U.K. Mr. Hayford has over 20 years of experience in the fields of Manufacturing, Financial Services, Business and Social Research, and Management Consultancy.

He has been very active in private business. Over the years, he has held the following positions: General Manager of The Gam Chemists Ltd; General Manager of Zingli Manufacturing Company Ltd, and; Managing Director of The Rice Bowl (Gambia) Ltd. He also represented a number of Institutions in The Gambia including Databank Financial Holdings Ltd and SOFTtribe Ltd. His areas of specialization and interest include Managerial economics, International Business and Strategic Management.


Geta Striggner-Quartey

General Counsel, Databank Group

Geta Striggner-Quartey is a Barrister at Law and currently holds the position of General Counsel of the Databank Group and Executive Director. Geta holds a BA in Law and Sociology from the University of Warwick UK, an MBA from Henley Business School in the UK and was called to the English and Ghana Bar in 1986 and 1988, respectively.

Geta started her career in the UK in the Chambers of Lord Elwyn Jones before returning to Ghana to join Tetteh & Co, where she was involved in the provision of legal advocacy services in a civil and corporate law practice. Geta then took up a number of senior management positions at Sydals Limited, including being responsible for the organisation’s Administration, Human Resource Management and Sales and Marketing divisions. Geta subsequently worked for the Institute for Economic Affairs as Programmes Coordinator where she was responsible for setting up and running the Institute’s Legal and Business Studies Centre and, later on, the Institute’s Governance Centre.

Geta’s career spans over 25 years, during which she has gained immense experience in legal practice, business administration, public policy work and investment banking.


Frank Socrates Dzakuma

Head of Finance

Frank Socrates Dzakuma is an Associate Director and the Head of Finance for Databank Group. Socrates brings valuable skills and capabilities to the role having previously worked with SG-SSB Ghana Ltd as Head, Management Control – Finance/Accounts Department and prior to this, in Ghana Commercial Bank in their Treasury and Accounts Departments. In these roles, Socrates had supervisory responsibility over the preparation of monthly management accounts and reports, and supervised the preparation of quarterly published financial statements as well as the annual reports for shareholders.

He was also Head of the Accounts Team for SG-SSB’s Core banking software migration. Socrates has an EMBA in Finance from the University of Ghana, Legon, and a Bachelor of Commerce degree from the University of Cape Coast. He is a chartered accountant and a Fellow of the Association of Certified Chartered Accountants (FCCA).


Gillian Hammah

Group Chief Marketing Officer, Databank Group

Gillian Hammah is the Group Chief Marketing Officer for Databank. She is a dynamic and versatile individual with over 19 years’ experience in financial services. She is currently responsible for jointly leading a Marketing team comprised of project managers, copy writers and graphic designers, as well as a sales team of over 60 staff across 14 branches.

Prior to joining Databank, Gillian worked for Invesco Canada – one of the leading asset management firms in North America, with branches in over 20 countries. She has proven success in creating and executing award-winning marketing campaigns, both in Canada – where she lived for 19 years – and in Ghana. In Canada, she led her company to win awards for the Best Investment Rich Media Online Campaign by the Internet Advertising Competition as well the Top 3 iPad apps in Canadian financial services by the Canadian Marketing Association. Last year, she won an award for Best Advertising Campaign at the 5th annual Ghana Investment Awards.

Gillian is recognized for her strong management and strategic planning capabilities, as well as her proven ability to build and lead a sales team that can consistently deliver results in spite of tight budgets and tough economic conditions to help move the company forward. She is an inspiring and decisive leader, who is motivated by excellence and results, which is reflected in every task she completes.

Gillian holds a Bachelor in Business Administration from York University in Toronto, Canada. She has been married for 18 years and has three children.