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Databank Brokerage Limited (DBL) is a licensed dealing member of the Ghana Stock Exchange. DBL deals in Government Treasury Bills and shares of public companies (either listed on the GSE or trading over-the-counter). Securities trading activities at DBL are backed by quality and relevant research reports produced by Databank’s award-winning Research Team. Hence, when you turn to DBL for your brokerage needs, you can feel confident you will receive quality and professional gold-standard services.

What we do

Databank Brokerage Limited offers the following services:

  • Investment advisory. We specialize in educating and advising institutions and the individual Ghanaian investor on the opportunities in the securities market
  • Securities trading. We facilitate the trading of securities by both local and foreign investors – individuals and institutions alike
  • Treasury management. Through DBL, you can purchase 91- and 182-day bills; 1- and 2-year notes; as well as 3-, 5- and 7-year bonds
  • Corporate Finance Advisory Services. We have a team of experts who work together to advise institutions and sovereigns on a broad range of corporate finance issues which are aimed at accessing capital through public capital markets such as Ghana Stock Exchange (GSE) or Ghana Alternative Market (GAX) or private sources of capital
  • Research reports. We provide comprehensive reports on the economy, Industry/Sector reports, and stock recommendations

Why you should partner with us

  • Licensed market operator. DBL is a Licensed Dealing Member (LDM) of the Ghana Stock Exchange (GSE) and in government securities
  • Pioneer in the Ghanaian Brokerage Industry. Through leadership and excellence, DBL has played a pioneering role in the Ghanaian Brokerage Industry and has received recognition both nationally and internationally. Some of our awards include Broker-Dealer (2013) – Gold; Investment Advisor (2013) – Silver; Most respected Company in Ghana (2012) – Winner; Broker-Dealer (2010 & 2011) – Gold; Best Research House in Africa (2007) – Winner; Deal of the year (2007) – Sales role in $750m Sovereign Bond
  • Global trading capacity. The team engenders global trading capacity. This can be seen in DBL’s extensive trading relationships with global capital market coverage in New York, London, Johannesburg, Switzerland and 12 other regulated markets on the African continent
  • Efficient execution of transactions. From trading in shares and Treasury Bills/Notes to listing your company on the Stock Exchange, you can rely on Databank Brokerage Limited for efficient execution

How you can contact us:

Sales Traders: Armah Akotey, Edwidge Yamoah

Tel: 0302 610610, ext. 1700, 1701

Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it | This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it